Limesurvey and market research…

As some of you know, I’ve been sort of spear-heading the task of doing research in the Fedora Marketing group.  In the near future, I’m hoping to have a general Fedora end-user survey, focusing on things like demographics (who are you?), usage (what are you doing with Fedora?), satisfaction levels, and so forth.  In the slightly more distant future, I’d love to be working with individual teams and projects to deploy their own surveys, allowing teams to get more information from their communities and – important! – not to have to pay for it.

Limesurvey is the software piece the marketing team is planning on using.  It is a free, open-source application, which, from what I’ve seen so far, has great capabilities and flexibility.  You may have already seen it in action when we did the FUDCon Toronto survey. Unfortunately, at the time of that survey we didn’t yet have it deployed on fp.o infrastructure – so we had to pay a very small fee to accommodate all of the respondents.  (But that’s okay – I know the money was going to support their awesome project, so it works out.)

In the future, though, I’d love for Fedora to be able to host their own Limesurvey app.  And by future, I mean, REALLY SOON.  I think it is a really great way to get anonymous, USEFUL information back from our community, which all goes towards the bottom line of making great things even greater.

And so, friends in the community, I call upon you.  I’m not going to lie: Despite having been a sysadmin…. about 10 years ago… packaging is not my strength (that’s putting it lightly).  There are a number of packages that need to be… packaged, built, reviewed, you get the picture. The list is here.

I realize that everyone is swamped right now, but if even a handful of community members could each take on one thing from this list, it would be SUPERAMAZINGHELPFUL to Marketing, and in particular, myself, since I’d love to get moving on more research as soon as I can.  If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a line to the fedora-mktg mailing list!

PS. According to my research results, y’all are totally awesome. 🙂

One thought on “Limesurvey and market research…

  1. I work for Service Management Group… We do customer satisfaction index surveys for all the big brands (Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, Sonic, Beauty Brands, Burger King, etc.).

    Red Hat should check ’em out:

    I would love it if the company I worked for became more aware of Open Source Free Software!

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